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Zuhause LIVE - ab 29.3.
Zuhause Live

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Sonntag, 25. Juni 2017, 21:54

DTH Elzstadion, Emmendingen DVD & Moscow DVD Audio Remaster....

DTH Elzstadion, Emmendingen ... I'm an American ... I was at this concert ... where can I find a torrent link for deisen DVD?

Hello. My German is not great, but I like it very much in Emmendingen when my friend Pepe Muewald took me to the stadium to see them as a surprise. I have been a rabid fan ever since then. I have already purchased all of the official DTH CD's, Videos, DVD's, many T-shirts, a hoodie, and a book. I don't see this Live DVD as a replacement for official releases, but I really would like to have a copy of this show on DVD. The show was amazing. Many of the cover songs listed have not been played.I would love to have a download link, or Paypal a member for the postage to have a DVD copy mailed to me. The only thing I have to do share with the fans here is a DTH DVD remaster of the Moscow gig. I sync'd the Soundboard audio to the video for a better DVD watch...it's MUCH better now IMO, to watch with the clean audio. I uploaded it to Youtube, but it was banned...I am happy to upload it in trade for anyone who can share with me the Emmendingen DVD.

Any help with the actual DVD download and artwork would be appreciated. This is a very special memory for me and I have lost touch with Pepe ... can not find him online either ... probably because I do not know how to do it Twitter ... only Dime and Soulseek for music trading.

Thank you!

Tchuus and Goodbye for now. I hope to hear back from anyone who can help me with this request. It would be a dream come true to see that show again.


Randy Mantei (Tashi)

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