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    Also Hier mal meine Cd
    Zuerst einmal die Scheisslaune-cd(die Ggute Laune cd folgt noch)

    1.Nirvana /// Come as you are
    2.Nirvana /// where did you sleep last night
    3.Oasis /// Wonderwall
    4.Farin Urlaub /// Kein zurück
    5.Skunk Anansie /// Hedoism
    6.Mazzy Star /// Into dust
    7.Rufus wainwright /// Hallelujah
    8.DTH /// Seelentherapie
    9.DTH /// Sein Oder nicht Sein (mir gings so ähnlich)
    10.Blumentopf /// Anfang vom ende
    11.Patent Ochsner /// Hotelsong
    12.PatentOchsener /// Niemer im nüt
    13.Patent Ochsner /// Seemanns Schwärmuet
    14.Gary Jules /// Mad World
    15.The Doors /// The END
    16.Black Sabbath /// Paranoid
    17.Ozzy Osbourne /// Suicide solution
    18.The Offspring /// The Kids Arent Allright
    19.Jimmy eat World /// Pain
    20.Jimmy eat World /// The Middle
    21.Gorrilaz /// Clint eastwood
    22.Metallica /// Nothing else Matters
    23.Apocalyptica /// Bittersweet
    24.Phantom Planet /// California

    Hier zwei ziemlich geile BAd Religion Texte
    Raise your voice
    fa fa fafa fa fa fafa Raise Your Voice!
    Don't be played like someone else's board game
    Don't be classed out like some desolate redoubt
    Don't be misled you've got alot on your head
    And nobody's gonna pay attention when you are dead
    So: fa fa fafa fa fa fafa Raise Your Voice!
    It's the primary rule, you gotta wanna be fooled
    It's our daunted restraint that keeps us silent in shame
    It's our nature to be adversarial and free
    Our evolution didn't hinge on passivity
    fa fa fafa fa fa fafa Raise Your Voice!


    Punk-rock song
    have you been to the desert?
    have you walked with the dead?
    there's a hundred thousand children being killed for their bread

    and the figures don't lie they speak of human disease
    but we do what we want and we think what we please

    have you lived the experience?
    have you witnessed the plague?
    people making babies sometimes just to escape
    in this land of competition the compassion is gone
    yet we ignore the needy and we keep pushing on
    we keep pushing on

    this is just a punk rock song
    written for the people who can see something's wrong
    like ants in a colony we do our share
    but there's so many other fuckin' insects out there
    and this is just a punk rock song
    (like workers in a factory we do our share
    but there's so many other fuckin' robots out there)

    have you visited the quagmire?
    have you swam in the shit?
    the party conventions and the real politik
    the faces always different, the rhetoric the same
    but we swallow it, and we see nothing change
    nothing has changed...

    10 million dollars on a losing campaign
    20 million starving and writhing in pain
    big strong people unwilling to give
    small in vision and perspective
    one in five kids below the poverty line
    one population runnin' out of time

    für Texte empfele ich------

    Hat Jemand Clockwork Orange von Burgess Gelesen?

    Ist nur zu empfehlen

    Sonstige bücher die unbedingt zu lesen sind

    -Illuminatus von R.A.Wilson
    -Akte x-Wirbelsturm
    -Alle wallander Bücher

    Wasserpfeife ist cool¨, ja aber ich hab mal geklesen in einer Berataungszeitung das wasserpfeifenrauch 20 mal mehr Krebserregede stoffe