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    This is what I've found out.

    From 1990 tour, these videos including Sator exits. No more that I know of.
    1990-09-11 Offenbach, Stadthalle
    1990-09-14 Kiel, Ostseehalle

    I have this but the last few songs are missing (including the one with DTH)
    1992-07-04 Dalarock (Sator's gig)

    It seems that Sator was not guests on these shows:
    1994-08-11 Hultsfredsfestivalen
    1996-08-10 Berlin

    looking for these on video.

    UPDATE: I have found Kiel 1990 DVD so now I'm only looking for Hedemora/Dalarock.

    Here's what I have with DTH:

    2013-09-07 Mannheim, Germany - Maimarktgelände FLAC
    2013-08-29 Hamburg, Germany - Trabrennbahn Bahrenfeld FLAC
    2013-07-13 Freiburg, Germany - Messe FLAC
    2013-06-14 Heilbronn, Germany - Frankenstadion FLAC
    2013-06-14 Heilbronn, Germany - Frankenstadion DVD
    2013-06-11 München, Germany - Olympiahalle FLAC
    2012-06-03 Germany, Rock am Ring DVD Pro 128
    1992-06-27 Roskilde, Denmark - Roskilde festival DVD Prv 71
    1992-06-27 Roskilde, Denmark - Roskilde festival FLAC Aud 70
    1990-09-14 Kiel, Germany - Ostseehalle DVD Prv
    1990-09-14 Kiel, Germany - Ostseehalle FLAC Aud 105
    1990-09-11 Offenbach, Germany - Stadthalle DVD Prv 110
    1990-09-11 Offenbach, Germany - Stadthalle FLAC Aud 111

    Here is my complete list:

    Or ask me if there is something special that you want and I can do my best.

    All the best,


    I wonder about these recordings (have seen them in trade lists):

    1990-09-11 DE Offenbach, Stadthalle FLAC

    1990-09-11 DE Offenbach, Stadthalle DVD

    1990-09-14 DE Kiel, Ostseehalle DVD

    1990-09-14 DE Kiel, Ostseehalle FLAC

    1992-06-27 DK Roskilde DVD

    1992-06-27 DK Roskilde FLAC

    Is it known if the audio (FLAC) is only taken from the videos, or if the audio is from a different recording source?



    Die Toten Hosen has done some gigs together with Sator over the years. I'm trying to find any recordings of these shows. These are the shows I know about:

    1990 tour: 1990-09-07 to 1990-09-21 (I think, but maybe not on all gigs)
    Sator was support band but also performed "First Time" and "New guitar in town" together on some gigs.

    1992-06-27 Roskilde festival
    Sator gig with Campino guesting on "Ready Steady Go"

    1992-06-28 Roskilde festival
    DTH gig with Hans & Kent (Sator) guesting on "First Time"

    1992-07-04 Dalarock
    Sator gig with DTH guesting on "Pigvalley Beach"

    1992-07-04 Dalarock
    DTH gig with Sator guesting on one or two songs

    1994-08-11 Hultsfredsfestivalen
    Sator gig with Campino guesting on "Cherry Bomb" (I have this on DVD)
    Maybe Campino also guested on "I'm Down"?

    1994-08-11 Hultsfredsfestivalen

    DTH gig. Don't know if Sator guested but probably on "First Time"

    1996-08-10 Berlin
    DTH gig, don't know if Sator guested.

    I'm looking for the Sator gigs, but also for all guest appearences on DTH gigs.

    I am very grateful for any information about
    1. What exists on bootlegs?
    2. Were to find them?

    Here is my trading page: