• Hello guys. Sorry for writing in english but I don't speak Deutsh. Delicious Grace is a musical project I would like to introduce you to. They are just starting out. The composer is very influenced by DTH.

    Hope you like it:


  • Hi guys. It's been a while.This is a song I wrote called ''The Boy from Memphis''. It's still in demo status but I really wanted to share it with Elvis' fans (I guess we've got a few around here).

    A humble homage to one of the greatest singers of all time. Hope you enjoy:

    Delicious Grace - The Boy From Memphis

  • Hello everybody. I usually don't write about this particular subject but I couldn't help it. Here it goes a political statement about something really wrong. Take it for what it is.

    Delicious Grace - Chaos and Shame

  • Hi guys. We've got a new demo out. It's called ''Nocturnal''.

    The Latin words circa diem translate to ‘about a day’. Circadian rhythms are pretty ancient. They are a result of life that evolved on a planet that rotates over a period of 24 hours. Being able to anticipate daily environmental fluctuations is remarkably useful, hence these biological clocks are virtually ubiquitous. Disrupting them causes complications. Circadian rhythms are therefore fascinating on a molecular, medical and evolutionary level.

  • Hey guys. It's been a while. I couldn't find my password and was having a little difficult in creating a new one. But now here we are! We've got three new songs out. I hope you enjoy:

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