[EN] The Fly

  • The Fly

    There's a fly buzzing 'round inside my head

    And it can't find it's way out

    Crawling here and there not getting anywhere,

    I can feel it panicking now

    As it follows a bundle of nerve fibres

    Down the temporal lobe to my spinal cord

    Backs up to the pituitary gland,

    Flees to the forebrain, turns again

    I can feel each footstep like a punch,

    My eyes explode with pain

    As it makes it's way up my optic track

    Then pauses and turns again

    It probes my Hypotalamus,

    Blunders 'round my Cranium

    From the tectum to the Tegmentum

    Stretches it's wings, then turns again

    Until it reaches the control centre,

    That tells me that I'm me

    It burrows into my synapses,

    Rests a while and then it starts to feed

    Toten Hosen - Crash Landing